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I miss playing pool

October 3, 2006

It’s been six months since I last played billiards in Manila. A farewell game with my friends in college. I wonder if I can still pocket a string of at least three balls. Since I moved in Calgary, never did I open my cue case.

Moving here probably taught me things in life more than the things I learned with my 5 years in college. This is like a deserted mountain. A quiet place where God is closest. I know someday I will make a speech to a lot of people about how God draw me near to Him by striping things I love the most. By deserting me and teaching me to be completely dependent on Him. But I am excited for after this process, Great things will happen. Something that I never imagined will occur. These experiences will be a great story to tell. A history where many will learn from.

Exciting eh? Canada eh? 🙂


My Baby Website

October 2, 2006

I’ve been working on for few months now my baby website, The Premier Discount Website in the Philippines. As of this writing, the site is still in beta stage but has gain popularity with few thousands of visits per month. There are a lot of serious programming being done with countless sleepless nights in my desire to lauch its version 1 this year.

Arent you excited to have a single Philippine portal of discounts, sale, promos and other great deals? With all the money saving information in the Philippine market available for you to grab?

I’m still tweaking the business model to perfectly meet the needs of filipino consumers.

I am expecting this to be a breakthrough in internet advertising in the Philippines. Once the full-blown site is released and the business plan has laid down, I will kick some ass.

See you at the top 🙂