I miss playing pool

It’s been six months since I last played billiards in Manila. A farewell game with my friends in college. I wonder if I can still pocket a string of at least three balls. Since I moved in Calgary, never did I open my cue case.

Moving here probably taught me things in life more than the things I learned with my 5 years in college. This is like a deserted mountain. A quiet place where God is closest. I know someday I will make a speech to a lot of people about how God draw me near to Him by striping things I love the most. By deserting me and teaching me to be completely dependent on Him. But I am excited for after this process, Great things will happen. Something that I never imagined will occur. These experiences will be a great story to tell. A history where many will learn from.

Exciting eh? Canada eh? 🙂


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